Sep 30, 2008

Last night i wrote an application to remove files context menu and Property tab of Quick Heal scan..
Last month I'd post about registry settings of quick heal context menu and property tab, n by using this hacks i wrote this application to easily enable and disable the context menus n property tabs
1] Disable / Enable Quick Heal context menu of files
2] Disable / Enable Quick Heal context menu of folders and drives
3] Disable / Enable Quick Heal property tab of files

Download this by using below links:
1] Download - Mirror 1

For uninstall Quick Heal read this post

Sep 27, 2008

Finally, after successful month now time to reward Entrecard top droppers. First of all THANKS to top droppers n all EC droppers too...
I want to reward my all top droppers but i haven't enough credit on EC n haven't free space on my blog to show my top droppers.. but still i want to show my all top droppers badges on my blog, then what can i do??
So i thought i can write an ad rotator in PHP script for my blog ( specially for blogspot, cause i haven't my own domain or space) n today i finished n want to use this script to show my top droppers (but still im working on my ad rotator script to make it useful for every blogspot user)
Here below im showing random badge of my top droppers (only out of top 25 droppers) and on top right side of my blog im showing top 10 droppers (refresh n check)


And my 50 top droppers are:
  1. (31)
  2. (31)
  3. (31)
  4. (30)
  5. (30)
  6. (30)
  7. (30)
  8. (30)
  9. (30)
  10. (30)
  11. (29)
  12. (29)
  13. (29)
  14. (29)
  15. (29)
  16. (29)
  17. (29)
  18. (29)
  19. (28)
  20. (28)
  21. (28)
  22. (28)
  23. (28)
  24. (28)
  25. (28)
  26. (27)
  27. (27)
  28. (27)
  29. (27)
  30. (27)
  31. (27)
  32. (26)
  33. (26)
  34. (26)
  35. (26)
  36. (26)
  37. (26)
  38. (25)
  39. (25)
  40. (25)
  41. (25)
  42. (25)
  43. (25)
  44. (24)
  45. (24)
  46. (23)
  47. (23)
  48. (23)
  49. (23)
  50. (23)

Thanks again to all EC droppers, and please visit all above links to get best videos, pictures and many funny n serious articles..

Sep 22, 2008

Finally i solved all bugs n made it user friendly..
n now im releasing DropMaster v1.09 for free to use..

What is DropMaster v1.09 ??
-This is an application (built in flash and xml) which allows EC to users get updates of inbox drops..
also you can create your own dropping list for daily drops which you have bookmarked.
This is not an automate program so you need to press manually on your drop list items to browse and drop. Here nothing is illegal coz DropMaster using your inbox n top droppers RSS and your own custom drop list. :)

Features :
1] Reads your inbox and updates automatically using rss..
2] Reads your top droppers list using rss..
3] Create your own favorite drop list of hundreds..
4] Useful for Dial up & Broadband users..
5] No need of setup/installation..
6] Simple and fast to use..

Links :

Web of xml generator for DropMaster: OR

Download: OR
[zip contains: dropmaster.exe, droplist.xml and readme.txt]

Entrecard web:

How to use :
first you need to modify droplist.xml so go to xml generator

1] Copy your RSS links of INBOX n TOP DROPPERS from Entrecard

2] Paste RSS links in particular xml generator page

3] Add your custom list in Your favorite list field on xml generator web.

4] Add links as- Your link*Description;

[1st add link then use *(Asterisk) for differentiate link & description, then add ;(semicolon) at the end of your description]
e.g*Entrecard Blog;*Great Registry Hacks; etc... (add how many you want)

5] *(Asterisk) and ;(semicolon) must be need to differentiate your list

6] Press 'Get XML code' to generate your xml file

7] Select generated xml code and copy all code

8] Paste all code in notepad(must b new file)

9] Save as 'droplist.xml' (When you are saving file, choose file type as: All files or xml) and replace droplist.xml with original droplist.xml

10] Copy 'dropmaster.exe' and 'droplist.xml' in single folder

11] Open your Browser (Firefox is best)

12] Run 'dropmaster.exe' and wait to load your rss data (before net must be connected)

13] When you select links from your custom list, then automatically it open in your browser
and removes opened link from your custom list (but not removes from top dropper n inbox list)

14] Don't close until u finish your drops from list (if you restart dropmaster, your list starts from 1st again)

15] When you browse your links then just minimize dropmaster n drop your EC, after drops restore(maximize) dropmaster n select ur links (Use ALT+TAB for better/faster use)

By default in droplist.xml have my inbox n top droppers links so you must need to modify list.

If you are familiar with xml then you can edit and modify manually..

If you think its useful for you, you can write post on it and also you allow to modify droplist.xml n distribute freely (only allowed to modify droplist.xml)[read copyright policy]

if you have any problem leave your comments here..
i spent three sleepless nights to build Dropmaster
[coz day time is work time :( ] so now im going to sleep, may be ill reply late

Sep 21, 2008

Yep, are you entrecard drop master?
Which trick you use for your daily drops??
How much time you spend to your 300 drops??

May be you have too much time to drop your cards But these days im busy in my work n still i wanna drop my all 300 drops in few minutes so i have written one program for my self to daily drop which make me Drop Master..

Still im working on drop master program n finishing some bugs, n i wanna make it user friendly..

Features :
1] Reads your inbox and updates automatically using rss..
2] Reads your top droppers list using rss..
3] Create your own favorite drop list of hundreds..
4] Useful for Dial up & Broadband users..
5] No need of setup/installation..
6] Simple and fast to use..

What you think about it?? Leave your comments..
[ill publish DropMaster within 6/8 hours]

Sep 18, 2008

This setting allows you to Remove 'sendto' option from right-click menu (context menu).

1] Run > Regedit > hit Enter
2] Registry > My Computer > HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT > select AllFilesystemObjects
3] AllFilesystemObjects > shellex > ContextMenuHandlers
4] ContextMenuHandlers > select Send To
5] now right side pane double click on '(Default)'
6] Add '-' (minus sign) in front of {7BA4C740-9E81-11CF-99D3-00AA004AE837}
7] like this ' -{7BA4C740-9E81-11CF-99D3-00AA004AE837}'
8] Now refresh your Desktop n check right click menu.. :)

Sep 11, 2008

This registry setting allows you to add a new file extension and file type that is currently not not available in your windows system, and adds inside your right click 'New' context menu .

Many time we needs a file to store our personal data, notes, reminders, appointments etc.. n which wants to identify easily in our system files..

By using this setting you can make your own file type n extension for your daily use :)

(Dont use single or double quotes in complete setting)
1] Start > Run > regedit> hit Enter
2] Select HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT key..
3] Right Click> New > Key (add New key at HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT)
4] Write your file extension like '.note' ( or any other which you want, but use dot "." before extension, i used .note )
5] on right side pane double click on (Default) to modify '(Default)' value to file write as 'notefile'
(Do not use any spaces between file type value, you can use any other value too like myfile, mynotes so on..)
You just added file extension, now you need to set data for your file type..
6] Now go back to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT key..
7] Create New Key by right click
8] write 'notefile' as key name ( we used 'notefile' is file type for our extension, which is same as where we set step 5, if you used any other file type write this same value as your key name)
9] On right side pane, double click on '(Default)' n set description for your file Like 'My note file'
( here you can use spaces)
10] then right click in blank space at right side pane n add new DWORD value, write 'BrowserFlags' as name, double click on BrowserFlags to modify n set Hexadecimal value '8' (Eight)
11] add another new DWORD value, name it 'EditFlags' n set Hexadecimal value '0' (Zero)
12] Select 'notefile' > add new Key > write key name - 'DefaultIcon'
13] on right side pane double click on '(Default)' n write path of your icon file for your extension
like 'C:\WINDOWS\myicon.ico'
14] Select notefile key, add new Key n name it 'shell'
15] Select shell Key, add new Key n name it 'Open'
16] Select Open key, add new key n name it 'command'
now you are here- 'HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\notefile\shell\Open\command', ok?
17] Now on right side pane select '(Default)', double click to modify, n now right the path of application for your file type, like 'C:\WINDOWS\notepad.exe %1'
18] Now we want to add our file type inside right click New menu so go back at '.note' key
19] select '.note' key, add new Key n name it 'ShellNew'
20] On right side pane, right click in blank space n add new String value, name it 'NullFile'
(Dont set any value for this Nullfile, leave blank)
See image

[Or Download this registry file for setting, n change the icon path in reg file, rename this file as 'filetype.reg' by removing .txt of file, and merge it)

Sep 6, 2008

I have started blogging from last month and i got more than 22 hits only for 'Remove/uninstall quick heal from registry' by Google search hit..
So i want post something about 'How to remove or uninstall Quick Heal from your PC?'

Quick Heal trial version runs only for 30 days, after 30days goes all function scanning functions OFF but runs only Online Protection..

After evaluation period you can't turn ON all other protection.. so you need register and activate your account or uninstall quick heal from your PC.

Quick heal have one bug, that is when you uninstall quick heal from your computer then automatically clean its registry from your computer..
So you can use trial version again for 30 days.. means you can use quick heal for unlimited period..

Now ill tell you how to remove quick heal and use unlimited..

First: How to Remove or Uninstall Quick Heal from Your PC ???
1] Go to Start> Control Panel
2] Control Panel> select Add or Remove Programs (hit Enter or Double click to open it)
3] Select Quick Heal Total Security from list..
4] Press Change/Remove button to remove Quick Heal from your PC..
5] Yes to Proceed
6] Select check mark for Remove report files
7] Restart your computer to completely remove quick heal (Restart is must)

After restart:
Run your Setup of Quick Heal form your PC or Download Latest version of Quick Heal from web to your PC.
Install Completely Quick Heal and it runs with all protection for 30 days again..
After 30 days do same above process n use quick heal for 30 days again...

Removing Quick Heal from Registry is not necessary..

if incase you want to remove Quick Heal from your Registry follow these 3 steps:
Open registry editor and then
and delete Complete Quick Heal Key..
2] HKEY_USERS > .DEFAULT > Software > Quick Heal and delete this key too..
3] HKEY_USERS > S-1-5-18> Software > Quick Heal and delete this key too..

And for remove Quick Heal from Right Click, Read This Post

Update : 28.2.09
Download Quick Heal uninstaller from Quick heal esupport . This Application will clean all registry n quick heal system files.

Sep 4, 2008

Now a days everyboy knows that what is 'Chrome'..
but few of them knows that what is Lively.. Last week i found Google labs new experiment of 3D chat n that is Lively 3D Chat..
[Lively - Experience another dimension of the web]

Lively is pure web based 3D chat, you can dance, walk, play or do anything what you want in chat..
See some screenshots and them ill tell you more...

you can make your own rooms and use furniture to decorate your rooms...

You just need speedy net and firefox or IE (Lively not works on Chrome)

You can customize your avatars, nick or rooms too

For loading Lively on my firefox it takes 2/3 minutes

You can change your view of look in your chat rooms

I Don't wanna tell you more about Lively, just click below image for coffee with me..
[First Read instructions below]

Do you like coffee with me?(Click below)

[Instructions :
For move your avatar- left click on avatar n drag your mouse when your cursor changed to four arrow cursor..
for zoom in & zoom out- use scroll of mouse..
for rotate view - press right click n move your mouse
also you can use all arrow keys on your keyboard for navigation..
Start your chat after room materializing finished..
left click on object and click on 'move to' button for moving your avatar directly on that object..
or double click on rotating green n white striped half balls in scene to go on that place
Right click for animations like dance, walk, wave, sit or show your emotion..
Send massages from bottom text field..
See Dialogue color & avatars nick color to read who sent massage..
to send private massage to your friend, right click n use 'whisper to' button..

don't shy in chat room cause everyone in room is new on lively so no one is expert
Enjoy n learn, and tell me if you found any new tricks on Lively ]

[Important: You need google account to login Lively 3D Chat and Lively plugin required..
Download Plugin @]

See more about Lively @ or chack google lab

Please Feel free to comments & subscribe to my RSS

Sep 3, 2008

Everyone wants to protect our private data files like photos, video files, docs, letters and many other type of files from friends, hackers n any other peoples who want to get your secrets...

Many peoples facing another problem on web that is file sharing..
If you send your pic to friend it got many others too..

Also many free web host user always face one problem that is they cant share mp3 files n video files on free web host..

Im always using my one favorite trick to hide n protect my files from friends, colleagues..
i also stores my mp3, video files on my free web host..

I wana share this trick with you..
Lets start...

This two files i wanna protect from my colleagues...
so now ill explain how to protects these two files in a just 5 seconds..

First you need to set some parameters in Folders options in explorer.
1] Open My Computer
2] go to Tools > Folder Options > View
3] and Remove the check mark of 'Hide extensions for known file types'
Like in below image..

4] Now select file which you want to hide or protect
5] Press F2 or rename from right click menu...
6] if you want to hide an image then rename your image files extension as .exe instead of .jpg
See what i did..

[ i changed 'myPhoto.jpg' file as 'myPhoto.exe' and 'love.txt' as 'love.jpg']

This is the my real trick to hide n protect files.

obviously changing extensions means changing properties of files too..
so now our file changed properties n context menus..

Now only you knows that what is the real extension of our files, but no one other is know that whats the real extension of the files.. so whenever others got your files they will try to double click to open or they will try to open those files in associated programs to open..

If they double click on you files, they got an error n shockd cause if you used .exe extension then it show error like

and txt to jpg

if someone got your renamed file then mostly double click or hit enter for open file.. so when you want to protect your files then simply rename n change extension..

You can use extensions like .exe, .dll, .mp3, .avi etc for images
and .exe, .dll, .jpg, .bmp, .gif, .png etc for text files

and if you wanna upload your mp3 n video files on free web host
rename your files as .txt, .htm, .html, .sql, .tpl, .php, .jpg, .bmp n many more supported extensions of your host, after download rename n your exteions original

This is just simple trick to hide n protect files..

If you like this my simple, feel free to comment or ask any queries..
and if you want to get these tricks in your inbox just subscribe my RSS

Sep 1, 2008

Last week i got new hack to change the position for open with and winRAR context menu..
I just added single DWORD value in CLSID of open with n winRAR and it works perfect in a single try..
So i like it share with you..

Lets start..
follow my few steps and change your context menu position...


1] Start > Run > regedit> hit Enter
2] Registry > HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT > go to 'CLSID' key

for Open with..
3] CLSID > find & select {09799AFB-AD67-11d1-ABCD-00C04FC30936}
(to find press ctrl+F, look at only keys)
4] On right side pane you will see '(Default)' string value like 'Open With Context Menu Handler'
means your at right key
5] Right click in right side pane > add New > DWORD value
6] Name it as 'flags' > hit enter to save
7] Double click on flags to modify> set Hexadecimal value '1' (one)
8] Now refresh your desktop n check context menu

for WinRAR...
3] CLSID > find & select {B41DB860-8EE4-11D2-9906-E49FADC173CA}
4] Right click in right side pane > add New > DWORD value
6] Name it as 'flags' > hit enter to save
7] Double click on flags to modify> set Hexadecimal value '1' (one)

1] if you set flags to '0' (zero) - Your selected context menu will be display under Rename menu
2] if you set flags to '1' (one) - Your selected context menu will be display with sendTo, copy to folder n move to folder (like in image)
3] if you set flags to '2' (two) - It display at default position