Aug 13, 2008

When we install 'Quick heal' then it display 'Total Security Scan' menu in our right click context menu for all files, folders, n drives and it also shows a lens icon front of menu, we often use this context menu.

we mostly use this context menu for flash/pen drives, CD/DVD's to check viruses.

This setting allows you to remove this 'Total Security Scan' menu form right click context menu for any file and any folder, this is very simple trick for registry hack..


For any file:
1] Run > regedit > hit Enter
2] Registry > My Computer > HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT > select * (1st subkey)
3] * > shellex > ContextMenuHandlers > RCScan
4] RCScan > select '(Default)' from right side pane > Double click on it to modify
5]insert ' - ' (minus sign) front of value

[use minus sign front of curly braces instead of delete value, cause when you will remove this minus sign then context menu will be activate again, or else you can delete 'RCScan' Key for permanent remove context menu, settings checked form version 8.0.0 +]

For any Folder and Drive:
Use above trick for

Good Look.. :-)