Sep 21, 2008

Hey, are you Drop Master ???

Yep, are you entrecard drop master?
Which trick you use for your daily drops??
How much time you spend to your 300 drops??

May be you have too much time to drop your cards But these days im busy in my work n still i wanna drop my all 300 drops in few minutes so i have written one program for my self to daily drop which make me Drop Master..

Still im working on drop master program n finishing some bugs, n i wanna make it user friendly..

Features :
1] Reads your inbox and updates automatically using rss..
2] Reads your top droppers list using rss..
3] Create your own favorite drop list of hundreds..
4] Useful for Dial up & Broadband users..
5] No need of setup/installation..
6] Simple and fast to use..

What you think about it?? Leave your comments..
[ill publish DropMaster within 6/8 hours]


Mereblood said...

I'm not sure it's legal. You might get banned from Entrecard for doing this.

RE Ausetkmt said...

I would love to see how this will work. seems like a robot, and if I'm not mistaken the entre servers look for robot submissions.

I'll be back to see it when you release it.

Here's wishing It Works

GRH said...

why it should be illegal??
im just using our inbox rss + our top droppers rss + my own build xml file which contains my favorite EC droppers..
nothing is illegal here..

GRH said...

:) this is just xml based application, simple n fast to use

Mereblood said...

It should be illegal because the idea behind entrecard is that when you drop on a website, that means you have visited it and seen it with your own eyes. This program takes that away and it hurts the community more than it helps

GRH said...

@ Mereblood
Na, my application is not an automate program, it just browse ur fav webs which u have selected to daily drop in a single by single on click, then u can easily drop ur EC on EC widgets

Melissa Erickson said...

There is a lot left to the imagination here. It sounds like you are reinventing the wheel. The Entrecard toolbar already takes those feeds and brings them all together to easily open pages for fast dropping.

ip-internetcafe said...

i ll waiting your release :D xixix

Michael Aulia said...

You probably need to make it clearer what the program does afterwards to drop your card

If the browser opens the site that we click on the list inside of your program, that it should be ok (I assume this is what it does) :)

Anonymous said...

If I knew how to do this I would! It looks to me like it's just an RSS feed that opens my tabs in Firefox right?

As long as I can still open my tabs like I do now... I don't see how it would be illegal. It would save clicks - but I read my stuff! I love my droppers!

How it is now for me is really bad. I have Bookmarks I've had entered, open from bookmarks but then I miss those new folks that have dropped!

I like this... can you run it past Graham and such and see what they think? Looks like it might be something they'd like to see eh?

Anyway, keep droppin! ;)