Sep 6, 2008

I have started blogging from last month and i got more than 22 hits only for 'Remove/uninstall quick heal from registry' by Google search hit..
So i want post something about 'How to remove or uninstall Quick Heal from your PC?'

Quick Heal trial version runs only for 30 days, after 30days goes all function scanning functions OFF but runs only Online Protection..

After evaluation period you can't turn ON all other protection.. so you need register and activate your account or uninstall quick heal from your PC.

Quick heal have one bug, that is when you uninstall quick heal from your computer then automatically clean its registry from your computer..
So you can use trial version again for 30 days.. means you can use quick heal for unlimited period..

Now ill tell you how to remove quick heal and use unlimited..

First: How to Remove or Uninstall Quick Heal from Your PC ???
1] Go to Start> Control Panel
2] Control Panel> select Add or Remove Programs (hit Enter or Double click to open it)
3] Select Quick Heal Total Security from list..
4] Press Change/Remove button to remove Quick Heal from your PC..
5] Yes to Proceed
6] Select check mark for Remove report files
7] Restart your computer to completely remove quick heal (Restart is must)

After restart:
Run your Setup of Quick Heal form your PC or Download Latest version of Quick Heal from web to your PC.
Install Completely Quick Heal and it runs with all protection for 30 days again..
After 30 days do same above process n use quick heal for 30 days again...

Removing Quick Heal from Registry is not necessary..

if incase you want to remove Quick Heal from your Registry follow these 3 steps:
Open registry editor and then
and delete Complete Quick Heal Key..
2] HKEY_USERS > .DEFAULT > Software > Quick Heal and delete this key too..
3] HKEY_USERS > S-1-5-18> Software > Quick Heal and delete this key too..

And for remove Quick Heal from Right Click, Read This Post

Update : 28.2.09
Download Quick Heal uninstaller from Quick heal esupport . This Application will clean all registry n quick heal system files.


lek said...

I was trying to un-install & install quick heal new version. while un-installing quick heal, I said NO to restart, by mistake. Since then I m not able to install new version at all.It is asking me to restart system try again.
I tried removing all quick heal related entries from system registry as well..
Please help.

GRH said...

Hi lek,

first check 'Quick Heal' folder in ur 'Program files', if present delete it n retry to install

[May be ur system infected by virus. if ur system already infected by virus then u can't install quick heal until remove virus.
if u have created quick heal's emergency CD, than scan using ur emergency CD or download latest version from quick heal web]

Anonymous said...

hey by mistake i,ve deleted the quickheal from program files but i think it hasn't un-installed prperly yet now ..
right now i'm using AVG with no problem but a wana use quicl heal ...sowhenever i start the setup the error is "ur prev. version isn't uninstalled prperly plz.un install it first and then try again"??
now what to do ???

Anonymous said...

hey thats working thanks

Nilesh said...

sowhenever i start the setup the error is "ur prev. version isn't uninstalled prperly plz.un install it first and then try again"??
now what to do ???

Great Registry Hacks said...

Hi nilesh,

Read my Update.

Try this-

Quick heal official registry cleaner n uninstaller.

Rijwi said...

Thanks so much for the link to the Quick heal Uninstaller from Quickheal esupport! I was facing some problems with my quick heal antivirus after I restored my computer to an earier time. I couldn't uninstall it it. But thanks to u now I can mke my system and mind safe!!!


HaRsH said...

thanks for such a grate info
i need some more info can we uninstall regesterd copy of QH without its passward i forgot my QH password and wanted to unistall QH from my PC
let me know if u have any idias on it