Sep 22, 2008

Finally i solved all bugs n made it user friendly..
n now im releasing DropMaster v1.09 for free to use..

What is DropMaster v1.09 ??
-This is an application (built in flash and xml) which allows EC to users get updates of inbox drops..
also you can create your own dropping list for daily drops which you have bookmarked.
This is not an automate program so you need to press manually on your drop list items to browse and drop. Here nothing is illegal coz DropMaster using your inbox n top droppers RSS and your own custom drop list. :)

Features :
1] Reads your inbox and updates automatically using rss..
2] Reads your top droppers list using rss..
3] Create your own favorite drop list of hundreds..
4] Useful for Dial up & Broadband users..
5] No need of setup/installation..
6] Simple and fast to use..

Links :

Web of xml generator for DropMaster: OR

Download: OR
[zip contains: dropmaster.exe, droplist.xml and readme.txt]

Entrecard web:

How to use :
first you need to modify droplist.xml so go to xml generator

1] Copy your RSS links of INBOX n TOP DROPPERS from Entrecard

2] Paste RSS links in particular xml generator page

3] Add your custom list in Your favorite list field on xml generator web.

4] Add links as- Your link*Description;

[1st add link then use *(Asterisk) for differentiate link & description, then add ;(semicolon) at the end of your description]
e.g*Entrecard Blog;*Great Registry Hacks; etc... (add how many you want)

5] *(Asterisk) and ;(semicolon) must be need to differentiate your list

6] Press 'Get XML code' to generate your xml file

7] Select generated xml code and copy all code

8] Paste all code in notepad(must b new file)

9] Save as 'droplist.xml' (When you are saving file, choose file type as: All files or xml) and replace droplist.xml with original droplist.xml

10] Copy 'dropmaster.exe' and 'droplist.xml' in single folder

11] Open your Browser (Firefox is best)

12] Run 'dropmaster.exe' and wait to load your rss data (before net must be connected)

13] When you select links from your custom list, then automatically it open in your browser
and removes opened link from your custom list (but not removes from top dropper n inbox list)

14] Don't close until u finish your drops from list (if you restart dropmaster, your list starts from 1st again)

15] When you browse your links then just minimize dropmaster n drop your EC, after drops restore(maximize) dropmaster n select ur links (Use ALT+TAB for better/faster use)

By default in droplist.xml have my inbox n top droppers links so you must need to modify list.

If you are familiar with xml then you can edit and modify manually..

If you think its useful for you, you can write post on it and also you allow to modify droplist.xml n distribute freely (only allowed to modify droplist.xml)[read copyright policy]

if you have any problem leave your comments here..
i spent three sleepless nights to build Dropmaster
[coz day time is work time :( ] so now im going to sleep, may be ill reply late


GM from My Cheap tech said...

Nice I'll give it a try.


Anonymous said...

I'll give it a go too :)

Anonymous said...

I followed your information step by step and I have to say - I love the EntreCard toolbar and still will use it as it has it's uses... but what you've created is very good!

I am able to click what I want, and spend all the time I want on the site... this isn't AUTOMATED which would leave it as something we cannot use, but it makes the manual process I go through MUCH easier.

Kudos, I'll be adding my favs now to it. I left yours and the EntreCard blog in so I could see how this works.

Honestly, you should send this over to Graham... maybe they could incorporate it!

The one thing the toolbar has that could be used in this, is an option of ignore prior dropped on during the day. ;)


mad1421 said...

@ zyriana,
I sent massage to EC by feedback form about my program n now waiting for reply :)

by the way the toolbar is based on database not on rss, so there is option to skip dropped or hide non EC-sites

Mereblood said...

Ok, this isn't anything like i thought it would be, its pretty sweet! If you just work on a little bit more, and made the installation process a bit easier, I think it would become really popular.

Michael Aulia said...

It's a cool program, nice job!

It has the same problem with the EC toolbar though, it doesn't detect sites that have already been dropped.

I just want a program to automatically remove the site if I already drop on them today

mad1421 said...

@ Michael Aulia;

EC drops are based on cookie system and all data in cookie is encrypted, and i think reading cookies without permission is illegal, so we can't read cookies for our purpose;

or else we need to read EC database to get updates but there is no any API(Application programming interface)system On EC..

Allure said...

why are the three black boxes blank? i have saved the notepad xml with the rss and the dropmaster in 1 folder like you said. What did I do wrong?

mad1421 said...

@ allure;
black boxes?? may be you 4got * or semicolon to differentiate list.
check it correct
see my drop list n xml file

check with yours :)

ImitationAngel said...

I'm going to try this. I'm shooting for drop master status for the next month.

nukeit said...

Nice little proggy, but it should at least show the url for sites that dont have a title (like the ec redirect links)

Mira said...

I've got my own way of dropping EC but this one is worth a try, will download it in a while. Tks for always visiting my scrap site, I've got other sites too that you might like to ;-)
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Anonymous said...

Great tool, you have done an awesome job here, and have saved me hours of work with this tool.

Just a wish list request:

wondering if you could eliminate duplicate entries from the three panels? Basically, instead of having 3 panels, have only two, with one being a fave's list and other panel everything else.

Also, would be great to have a drag and drop feature to move entries from the feeds over to the fave's list as well as from the browser's address bar. Or better yet, and I know I'm asking a lot here, create a firefox plugin that will auto-insert your selected urls into the Fave's list. Just wishing ;-)

Thanks again.


Dan said...

Will download and try this great program. Thank you for sharing.