Aug 14, 2008

When we install 'Quick heal' anti virus then it also adds a property tab for every file to show is it infected or not...
This tab is graphical tab so it takes little bit time to load.. so we never use this tab.. so i got hack to remove this tab easily..

This setting removes this tab and makes your property window loads faster....

Settings :-

1] Run > regedit > hit Enter
2] Registry > My Computer > HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT > select * (1st subkey)
3] * > shellex > PropertySheetHandlers >
4] select '{9ECB3F62-A9BC-4ff1-8E26-4F8BA5363190}' > Right click > Rename or Press 'F2' on keyboard to rename key
5] add ' - ' (minus sign) in front of this key ( before curly braces)
6] Now your key is like '-{9ECB3F62-A9BC-4ff1-8E26-4F8BA5363190}'
7] Hit Enter
8] refresh your desktop or my computer, and check ur property window for any single file

That's Done,
Good luck