Aug 17, 2008

Who mostly uses a photoshop to editing images, if they want to open an image file then they use file > open from photoshop menus..
Me 2 mostly use photoshop for editing images but im lazy to open every image from photoshop's open menu, so i edit some keys in my most favorite registry editor to add context menu for open jpg/jpeg to photoshop directly....
and made my context menu something like below image.. look it...

Now im giving you settings for this hack...

1] Start > Run > regedit> hit Enter
2] Registry > My Computer > HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT > jpegfile
(if you not found this key then Find it from edit> Find> n tick to key only)
3] jpegfile > shell > New Key (by right click)
4] Then name this new key as 'Open in CS2' or something like you want to set
5] Select 'Open in CS2' > add New Key again > name it 'command' (case sensitive)
6] select '(Default)' from right side pane > Double click to modify value
7] enter value as [ C:\program files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS2\photoshop.exe "%1" ]
(means - your photoshop application path and "%1" with quotes )
8] refesh desktop n check any jpg/jpeg image files context menu

Download jpg-cs2.reg.txt file , rename this txt file as 'jpg-cs2.reg' and merge it..

Update: 01.Feb.09
Download Application to set Open with context menu for images


Lester said...

I cannot grab multiple files and open them this way. For example if I highlight two jpgs and use your commandin the context menu, it will only open one of them. Any thoughts on how to enable this? Thanks

GRH said...

if photoshop is already running, then you can select n open multiples jpgs.
if ur photoshop is not running n ur trying to open multiples jpgs then it open only one jpg

try it :)