Aug 21, 2008

Everybody has own custom folder in his computer to save, collect, work, music and for anything else, we use one or few more folder always for whatever we save or work...
So i wanna tell you one trick for 'How to add our favorite folder in SendTo menu'

There is no any trick in registry to add this context menu.. :-)
We just need to add shortcut of our folder in users SendTo shell folder..

Lets Start,

1] go to Start> Run
2] Enter '%USERPROFILE%\SendTo' and hit Enter...
3] Then right click in anywhere in blank space in this folder...
4] Add new shortcut from New menu
5] It brings 'create shortcut' window...
6] browse in select your folder which you want in SendTo.. n Next
7] Name it what u want and press finish
8] Now select your shortcut folder > Right click > Properties
9] select shortcut tab, and 'change icon' for this shortcut folder...
10] Refresh your desktop and check your SendTo menu... :-)

[Note: SendTo menu only copy your files n folders, never move your file]


Icon said...

Hello !
Nice blog ! Very informative and helpful.