Jan 22, 2009

These days i'm too busy in my work, so i don't have time to update my blog regularly but still whenever i have free time i try to write some useful codes n programs for personal or public use.
Last week i wrote another useful tool..

(Based on my previous post of Right click menu - Open with photoshop for jpg/jpeg files.)

Download : Mirror


Gem said...

Hello! I've noticed you got some new updates today.

This is a very useful tool - especially for people who don't want to mess up with the registry.

But today, I was searching for something in your blog that would help me restore my windows task manager. Some previous software must have overwrote the settings and I could not view the task manager anymore.

I can use RRT for it, but I don't want to pay for the software. I know that's one of the registry settings - but I don't know which.


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