Aug 27, 2008

Do you want to change your drive icons?
Do you wanna set different icons for different drives??

OK, then I'll tell you very simple trick to change our drive icons.
We don't need edit in registry for change icons. We will use an drive's autorun property, so we need add autorun command file at the root of our drive where icon want to change.

Let's first collect/select some good icon files (*.ico - icon files) to use or set to our drives.

Then Start to set icons,

1] Open 'notepad' > Save as 'autorun.inf' (*.inf file- setup information file) at the root of drive (which drive's icon we want to change) (e.g. - C:\autorun.inf)
2] in autorun.inf file write below two lines


and save this file.
3] Copy your icon file at the root of drive where we saved autorun.inf file.
4] Rename icon file as 'myiconfilename.ico' [icon file name and autorun icon names must be same]
4] Set hidden property for both (icon n inf) files.
5] Restart your system.
6] Do that same above process for other drives if you want to change all drive icons.
(you can't change CD/DVD drive icons, but you can use for flash drives, if you want to change CD/DVD icons then you can burn 'autorun' n 'icon' file on disk)