Oct 8, 2008

Most of all viruses first blocks your Registry and Task Manager, So you can not remove viruses manually from start up and also you can not kill running virus process, so you need to Enable Task manager and Registry to kill process and remove from start up..
Last night i just wrote this little application for my handy use when playing with virus, hope its useful for everyone :)

This application is allows you to Enable/Disable your registry Editor, and also allows you to Enable/Disable your Task Manager (User/admin)..

Download (mirror1)


Icon said...

Hi Mad,
Great tool. When antivirus failed, this tool can help us to disable virus infection by manual removal.

nukeit said...

Wish I had this a few years ago. Very handy!

Ibrahim Hussein said...

Very handy tool, it will be useful especially to my younger brother he keeps getting viruses in his notebook and starts shouting "where the heck is the task manager", then I have to waste my time raising his task manager from the dead :)

By the way you really have a nice blog here, very very useful. Keep it up.

Varun said...

Nice tool!
However advanced users can always change these options from gpedit.msc
thanks for the tool though,makes it wasier :)

Malaysian Fabric Heritage said...

First thank you for sharing this wonderful tool. You are very kind to make it available to user who may have issues with virus infection. I am sure uses have you to thank for saving many precious hours and lost files in event of an infection.

NewsVids said...

is this handy little app VISTA compatible?

Anonymous said...

Nice little utility you made here. I don't get viruses very often, but usually just restore a Ghost Image back-up to address the issues caused by malicious people. This will allow me to tinker a bit and find out how some of the things work.

Eric :)