Oct 16, 2008

Two days ago i wrote another program for adding my favorite folder at drives context menu in My Computer.
This application allows you to add your favorite or working folder to drives context menu..
You can Set/Update/Remove this context menu easily using this application..
Useful for lazy people like me :)

AddContextDrive.zip (mirror1)


Allure said...

Hi maddy. visit my blog. i gave you a butterfly award. i hope you like it. i hate you!

Anonymous said...

Another way to add "open with" commands to right-click:

.bmp for example:

Folders> Tools> Folder Options> File Types> .bmp> Advanced tab. You can "remove" "edit" or set a particular task by default. This can "open" a .bmp with Windows Paint by default if desired.

Click the "new..." button and insert a command via "browse" to have any program run via right-click menu. I added a sound editor to my .wav/.mp3/.wma files to save steps.

This IS a registry change, but is very simple and can be un-done easily.

Eric :-)