Aug 4, 2008

This setting allows you to assign any file on your computer a new right-click menu (context menu) entry.
This entry is named "cmd for this folder" which will simply open a command prompt (cmd) in the folder where the file selected is located.

1] Run > Regedit > hit Enter
2] Registry > My Computer > HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT > select * (1st subkey)
3] * > shell > expand shell key & right click > then New > Key
4] then replace 'New Key #1' key name to 'cmd' or as u wish you can write(but use as nick)
5] on right side pane, select '(Default)' name n Double click on it, then brings Edit string field
6] enter string as 'cmd for this folder' in it n hit Enter.
7] select our 'cmd' key & right click >New > key (again)
8] 'New Key #1' Replace to 'command' (case sensitive without quotes)
9] selcet '(Default)' name & double click on it n enter string as 'cmd.exe /k' (case sensitive without quotes)
10] Quit registry editor n refresh Desktop or My computer & go to any single file & right click to file, you will see lik tht