Sep 4, 2008

Now a days everyboy knows that what is 'Chrome'..
but few of them knows that what is Lively.. Last week i found Google labs new experiment of 3D chat n that is Lively 3D Chat..
[Lively - Experience another dimension of the web]

Lively is pure web based 3D chat, you can dance, walk, play or do anything what you want in chat..
See some screenshots and them ill tell you more...

you can make your own rooms and use furniture to decorate your rooms...

You just need speedy net and firefox or IE (Lively not works on Chrome)

You can customize your avatars, nick or rooms too

For loading Lively on my firefox it takes 2/3 minutes

You can change your view of look in your chat rooms

I Don't wanna tell you more about Lively, just click below image for coffee with me..
[First Read instructions below]

Do you like coffee with me?(Click below)

[Instructions :
For move your avatar- left click on avatar n drag your mouse when your cursor changed to four arrow cursor..
for zoom in & zoom out- use scroll of mouse..
for rotate view - press right click n move your mouse
also you can use all arrow keys on your keyboard for navigation..
Start your chat after room materializing finished..
left click on object and click on 'move to' button for moving your avatar directly on that object..
or double click on rotating green n white striped half balls in scene to go on that place
Right click for animations like dance, walk, wave, sit or show your emotion..
Send massages from bottom text field..
See Dialogue color & avatars nick color to read who sent massage..
to send private massage to your friend, right click n use 'whisper to' button..

don't shy in chat room cause everyone in room is new on lively so no one is expert
Enjoy n learn, and tell me if you found any new tricks on Lively ]

[Important: You need google account to login Lively 3D Chat and Lively plugin required..
Download Plugin @]

See more about Lively @ or chack google lab

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